Join the Eco Connection Global Environmental Network of Schools
The Eco Campus virtual school platform houses a global environmental network of schools in the USA, Israel and South Africa!
Eco Campus is the only Israeli educational online platform to achieve the TRUSTe Child Safety Seal.  
Eco Campus contains virtual schools and ecological footprint calculator I really don't know of any other program which teaches environmental and social awareness studies in Jewish schools. I took this project on firstly as an extension for my advanced English students. They were able to learn English at a high level with a subject of great important, their environment and the world. They made videos about saving energy and recycling that were seen by the pupils in our school and across the world too! 
Cheryl Freeman, English Teacher, Chalamish School, Arad, Israel

It is well designed with basically a script that anyone can do, both teachers who feel confident teaching this topic and those that don't. That my students are able to share their project with the students in Israel has added special meaning to their work. It also helps build the connection to Israel and makes Israel less abstract.
Karen Sinai, Science Teacher, Politz Day School, New Jersey
We provide students with a safe, fun and interactive environment to learn about the environment and connect with Israeli and Jewish students around the world.

►Sviva Israel’s award-winning Eco Connection curriculum and training videos

►Virtual School, school blog and gallery

►Online training and support in environmental education and new media literacy for teachers ensures the success of the program in your school

►Network with other schools and share best-practices in environmental education

►Measure your school ecological footprint and compare with other schools

►COMING SOON: Environmental departments containing educational games, videos and source materials on environmental topics such as: Israel, Judaism and the Environment; Clean Technologies; Cradle-to-cradle production; Recycling

For more information, contact or through our contact form

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