Eco Campus is a TRUSTe certified school platform and social network for American Jewish and Israeli students aged 8-15.  It provides a safe, fun, interactive environment to:

 Eco Campus Virtual School Garden

► Meet young Jews from across America, Israel and globally, creating partnerships and networks of schools.

► Raise the standards of (Jewish) Environmental Literacy in Schools

► Empower  teachers to use New Media as an educational tool

► Share and showcase grassroots innovative environmental projects

As the coordinator for a Partnership 2000 consortium, I can say that Eco Connection/Eco Campus has done more for the Partnership than almost any other program. At a time when assimilation and anti-Israel sentiment is at an all-time high, Eco Campus enables American kids to connect with Israel and Israeli kids the chance to learn about Jews in the Diaspora. What makes the Eco Campus even more unique is that it fosters on-going relationships.
Amy Cooper, Associate Executive Vice President at the Jewish Federation of Central New Jersey 

Eco Campus is bilingual in English and Hebrew, and includes Sviva Israel’s award-winning Eco Connection curriculum. Teachers receive in-school and online training and support to ensure the success of the program.

This online platform was developed with a seed grant from Microsoft Israel R&D, and the Jewish Funders Network at the request of the Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund. 


About Sviva Israel

Sviva Israel is a leading environmental education organization with offices in the United States and Israel developing and implementing programs that promote environmental literacy while exploring the connections between Judaism and the Environment.

Utilizing Web 3.0 media and innovative, practical educational tools, we build diverse networks of Jewish and Israeli youth and adults that learn together about themselves, Israel, our environment and their Jewish heritage.


And finally, a huge thank you to…

Over 60 schools in the USA and Israel who have run our award-winning programs

100′s of volunteers from the high-tech, education, business and environment sectors

1000′s of kids, parents and teachers around the world who have participated in our programs

Our incredible Board and Advisory Boards for their expert guidance

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